Trojan records

Trojan records

Trojan records from the UK and around the world including 45s and albums. Trojan issued huge amounts of Jamaican ska, rockstready and reggae music from the late 60’s into the 70’s and beyond. It has always been hugely popular with skinheads and lovers of Jamaican music. Contrary to popular belief (in some circles) – Skinheads in the 70’s were predominantly heavily into Jamaican music and were completely anti-racist.

Rare vinyl records for sale, 7″ singles, albums, Extended plays and sometimes even 78rpms that should match your requirements based on: Trojan.

As you can see the future is vinyl records!

What is my Trojan record worth?

See the Trojan records for sale below. If you are trying to find out what is Trojan worth, be aware that there may be different releases of the same 45 or album so you may need to look closely to be confident that you are comparing the same pressing. A first pressing is normally more sought after than a reissue of, heaven forbid, a bootleg. You can normally tell by looking at the sleeve, label, or release number. If it’s an old record – check whether it has a barcode on the sleeve or not – if it does, you know it’s a relatively recent pressing.

In most cases, sellers will not list Trojan vinyl records for sale that are in poor condition but you may need to double check that there is no damage to either the record itself or the label or the picture sleeve. If there are tears or writing then these should be stated so you know what you are buying. Most people can live with a bit of crackle on their vinyl records, but you probably don’t want to buy a record that jumps unless it is incredibly rare (and priced accordingly!

Mmmm smell that rare vinyl – you can’t beat a bit of rare record collecting now can you?

Buy or value Trojan.

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