The Prodigy rarities and promos for sale

We have four different The Prodigy set ups all on view on this one page – nice and quick and easy to check, especially if you are at work and don’t have time to activate lots of online searches! Bookmark it now!

Please see below for the rarest The Prodigy items currently available on auction, including 45s, albums, memorabilia, promos, picture discs, acetates, and full The Prodigy collections. These are sorted by the current auction price. Click straight through to bid or explore more closely.

The Prodigy – rapid bargain spotter – grab newly listed bargain auction lots as they are added!

Next, the The Prodigy unloved or unnoticed bargain item spotter – this is a wider sweep- it’s for hunting down records that people have listed badly or perhaps just haven’t noticed which are finishing within the day, and sometimes within the minute – and they’re all $5 or less! Hurry – all ending soon!

Finally, this is for UK collectors who might prefer to only buy UK listed rare The Prodigy vinyl or compact discs (or it could be handy for people outside the UK who want a quick look at the The Prodigy items listed here of course!) – this is a list of the highest priced The Prodigy auctions on the UK site – not necessarily British items of course, but listed there. Rare The Prodigy records for vinyl collectors.

and finally – here a quick snapshot of the highest priced “buy it now” The Prodigy rare vinyl record and music merchandise listings – sometimes you might just spot a newly listed rare record or collectable before someone else at a good price if you’re persistent so act quickly and grab some bargain The Prodigy music on vinyl or compact disc now.

and finally here are some more very rare The Prodigy items you might want to take a look at.

[awin query=”The Prodigy” no=”10″ id=”241″ sort=”hi”]

I hope you find this page helpful! Please bookmark it and tell your friends about it if you do. Happy record collecting!

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