Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols

Welcome music lover to the rare record window on the worlds biggest rare record marketplace. Here is the results of the search for Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols became an almost overnight sensation in 1976 when they brought punk rock to the forefront of the music industry. Their legendary Bill Grundy interview saw then uttering obscene swear words on live television during a peak family hour programme.  They had been encouraged by Mr Grundy, who’s career was finished by this misjudged attempt to make them look stupid an uncouth.  For the Sex Pistols, this debacle cemented their notoriety and the rest was relatively short-lived history.

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As you can see the future is vinyl records! Sex Pistols and punk rock are highly collectable today and original copies of their rarer releases can change hands for huge sums. Their most famous release was God Save the Queen on the A&M label. The release was scrapped and only a few genuine copies got out. This is one of the holy grail’s of punk rock record collecting and the record changes hands for thousands of pounds (but there are bootleg copies out there so buy with caution!)

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We hope you have found some perfect rare vinyl records relating to Sex Pistols today at Record Auction.

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