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Welcome to the rare vinyl record auction where we have Regal Zonophone records for sale. The Regal Zonophone label started in 1932 via a merger of Regal and Zonophone (believe it or not!)

It originally released US licensed recorded material but was also famous for releasing massive selling artists like Gracie Fields. In the 1950’s it became associated with Australian country music and it was then reinvented in the 1960’s as a home to the likes of The Move, Marc Bolan’s Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), Procul Harum and others. Therefore there is a fairly vast and diverse range of Regal Zonophone records out there, from 78rpm 10″ records right through to albums and 7″ singles.  Timperley legend Frank Sidebottom also used the label to release his epic and unique records in the 1990’s and beyond.  Indie darlings Saint Ettiene also revived the label in the 1990’s as a platform for reissuing various bands.

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