Kid Creole

Kid Creole vinyl records for sale

Kid Creole vinyl records for sale online to add to your record collection.

Rare vinyl records for sale, singles, albums, Extended plays and sometimes even 78rpms that we think will be of interest based on: Kid Creole.

As you can see record collecting is still as popular as ever.

What are my Kid Creole vinyl records worth?

See the Kid Creole rare vinyl records for sale below. Remember that there may be different pressings of a particular vinyl record and so you need to be sure that you are comparing like with like if you are trying to find out the value of your Kid Creole record. Not only do you get bootlegs of rare records but there are also legitimate reissues as well. Have a read of our bootleg guide to find out more about how to spot a bootleg.

In most cases, sellers will not list vinyl records for sale that are in poor condition but you may need to double check that there is no damage to either the record itself or the label or the picture sleeve. If there are tears or writing then these should be stated so you know what you are buying. Most people can live with a bit of crackle on their vinyl records, but you probably don’t want to buy a record that jumps unless it is incredibly rare (and priced accordingly!

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As you can see, vinyl record collecting is still going strong – you can’t beat the sound, the feel and the touch of vinyl!

We hope you have found a good deal on original vinyl records relating to Kid Creole today at

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