David Bowie Fashions Picture Discs

David Bowie Fashions Picture Discs

David Bowie Fashions picture discs was a set of 10 picture discs released in 1982 celebrating a number of his massive fit singles. This is a highly collectable set of David Bowie records. This release aimed to cash in on the new generation of fans of Bowie’s work who had been introduced to him by his new romantic hits including Ashes to Ashes which was included in the set.

The tracklist is as follows:

A Space Oddity
B1 Changes
B2 Velvet Goldmine
C Life On Mars
D The Man Who Sold The World
E The Jean Genie
F Ziggy Stardust
G Rebel Rebel
H Queen Bitch
I Sound And Vision
J A New Career In A New Town
K Drive-In Saturday (Seattle/Phoenix)
L Around And Around
M Sorrow
N Amsterdam
O Golden Years
P Can You Hear Me?
Q Boys Keep Swinging
R Fantastic Voyage
S Ashes To Ashes
T Move On

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  1. all 10 45s picture discs mint cond £

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